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Roscoe Highway Loop Sealants are now in stock. 

No mixing required!

MS Traffic Detector Loop Sealant is ideal for use in any electrical situation. Highly UV resistant, lows smoothly and easily into joints and cracks, and does not contain solvents or isocyanates.

MS Non-Sag Joint Sealant is extremely UV and weather resistant as well as low VOC/HAPS free. Non-yellowing, will not crack, peel, shrink or stain.

Available in Black and Grey.


LiftMaster Cloud-based smart readers use unique, highly encrypted, and non-replicable credentials.

Say goodbye to the hassle of lost or stolen key fobs!

Simply tap your smartphone against the Smart Reader, touch the Smart Reader with your hand while leaving your smartphone in your front pocket, or press the myQ Community push notification that pops up on your smartphone while you are walking towards the reader to open the right door... And you're in!

Available with (SRDRKP) and without a keypad (SRDRST).

Recurring Pass allows residents to offer access to frequent guests such as dog walkers or family members. 

Compatible with an internet-connected Apple Watch so residents can open the door to the building from their wrists.

Mobile phones that are lost or stolen can be locked remotely so credentials are protected.

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Decades of reliability, now with new features and smart control.

Next generation of security, power, and durability.

 Simplified Setup with the HySecurity Installer App

Integrated HyNet Capabilities

Remote Configuration & Diagnostics

Contactless Limit Sensors

Adaptive Inherent Entrapment Sensors (IES)

Gate Weight Max up to 20,000 lbs


Compared with conventional industrial door sensors, total installation time is reduced by approximately half!

Great design & easy installation

The OAM-EXPLORER is a revolutionary sensor designed for industrial door applications. Its unique cylinder design allows the infrared safety and microwave activation lenses to be adjusted independently  to improve safety at the door threshold. 

Offers three independent relay outputs - Microwave, Supplemental Safety, and AUX/Pre-notification- that can be sequenced for up to nine different combinations of activation and safety and can be easily wired to a wide variety of operators.

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Partnering with R&S Automation

Let's build together!

At R&S, our customers' business is our top priority.

We are here to help you become a leader in your local door and gate access automation market. In business since 1963, we know automation!

We select the highest quality products and build our services to our customers' needs, and we stock the best of the industry at competitive prices.

We ship to your doorstep, and offer pick-up Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm at our three distribution centers located in Northern and Southern California, and Oregon.


We have a lot to offer and pride ourselves on maintaining the personal touch!

Specialty Services

Commercial door operator right and left hand conversions
Voltage and phase conversions
Cycle timer modification installation

Labor fees may apply

Training Center

Hands-on, technical training for yourself and your technicians is available at our facility.
We can demonstrate installation, programing and troubleshooting, and can arrange for manufacturers to provide factory training.

Special Orders Program

We have established relationships with most industry manufacturers. An R&S Automation representative can review your special projects and assist with special ordering when possible.


We carry all major manufacturers of Commercial Door Operators, Gate Operators and Access Control Systems.

We also offer a full line of complementary products such as Vehicle Detection, Door & Gate Safety Equipment, GateHardware, Replacement Parts, RFID Solutions, Remotes, Cards, Tags, Keypads & other Accessories

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