Diablo DSP-19 - Low Power and Mini-Loop Detector (LiftMaster Compatible)

Diablo DSP-19 - Low Power and Mini-Loop Detector (LiftMaster Compatible)
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The DSP-19 is specifically designed to be installed into a LiftMaster model CSW24 operator or other models that use the same plug-in loop detector. The very low current draw and low voltage range is ideal for solar applications.

The DSP-19 can be connected to a standard inductive loop or one of Diablo Controls mini-loops. The Diablo Controls mini-loop is a small "pipe shaped" device approximately 4-1/2" by 1" and is designed to be buried in the ground to detect vehicles. If the mini-loop feature is turned on, the detector cannot be used as a safety detector as there is no presence detection in this mode of operation. Contact Diablo Controls for more information on the mini-loop.

The DSP-19 can be used as either a safety loop or free exit loop detector. It also has the flexibility to be either "fail-safe" or "fail-secure".

The DSP-19 has a single solid-state open-drain FET output capable of sinking more than 250 milliamps.

The DSP-19 has 10 selectable sensitivity settings and uses a 6-position DIP switch to configure the detector. This includes the Diablo Controls mini-loop selection as well as sensitivity boost, extended presence and fail-safe/fail-secure operation. This makes the DSP-19 very flexible and versatile for those installations that need a little more than a standard detector.