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Linear - Megacode MGT Gate Edge Transmitter

Linear -  Megacode MGT Gate Edge Transmitter

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Product Code: MGT

The Model MGT Gate Safety Edge Transmitter is for adding fully supervised obstacle sensing for motorized gates, doors or barrier arms in a Linear access control system. The transmitter mounts directly on the gate, door, or barrier and wires to a standard exterior safety edge sensor (for full featured compatibility, a Miller gate edge sensor with an optional .001 uF capacitor is recommended). If an object is hit during the gate closing, the sensor will present a closed circuit across the connecting wires and the MGT will transmit a message to the access controller to reverse the movement of the gate. The MGT is compatible with AE-500, AE1000Plus, AE2000Plus, and AP-5 commercial telephone entry and access controllers. It is also compatible with RE-1 and RE-2 residential telephone entry systems.

The MGT is the industry's only fully supervised gate safety edge transmitter. It automatically sends an hourly status report to the access controller, indicating battery condition and if the transmitter is operational. Should the edge sensor be disconnected, shorted, or tampered with, the MGT will report a trouble condition.

The MGT transmitter is supplied in a weather-resistant, fiberglass box. Its circuit board is coated to prevent moisture damage. The enclosure mounts to the gate, door, or barrier arm through sealed interior mounting screws.
Safety edge transmitter Activates one MegaCode receiver for stop or reverse safety edge No cables or coiled wires Mounting hardware (4 screws) supplied Visor clip included Power: Two 2450 batteries Codes: 1,000,000+ (MegaCode format) RF Frequency: 318 MHz Dimensions: 4.28" W x 2.875" H x 2.25" D