MillerEdge MT21 Sensing Edge for Fire Doors

MillerEdge  MT21 Sensing Edge for Fire Doors
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If your edge size is two inches above a whole number i.e. ( 5ft, 6ft, 7ft) please round up to the next whole foot size for correct pricing. You can log the exact size in the text box below.

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Round up to to the next foot for correct pricing
Example: 17ft-6inches would be priced as 18ft

Product Code: MT21-BLK

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Miller Edge MT-21

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Description Manual & Brochures
Designed for use on rolling steel fire doors with double L-angle bottom bars. Custom manufactured to required length. In case of fire the MT-21 does not release harmful fumes.
  • Length: Per specification to the nearest 1/4”
  • Sensitivity: 3psi - standard Lead
  • Wire: 24” SJTO 18 gauge - standard
  • Wire Outlet Location: specify right hand, left hand or end
  • Electrical Requirements: 24 volts, 1/2 amp AC or DC power
  • Electrical Diagram: 2-wire, N.O. configuration
  • Electrical Contact Element: Alumaglas
  • Cover: Heavy duty reinforced
  • PVC Temperature Range: -30F to +155F