T503L5 - 1/2HP 3PH LiftMaster Trolley Operator

T503L5 - 1/2HP 3PH LiftMaster Trolley Operator

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Trolley Rail Kit #48


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T-style trolley commercial door operators are optimal for general industrial applications. Suspended from the ceiling, the operators are used on sectional overhead doors with standard lift. T operators are directly attached to drive and control the door.
208/240/460 3 Phase.
DUAL VOLTAGE CONNECTIONS - Increase flexibility by enabling the installer to select the required voltage, within phase, to meet job-site requirements. Within phases, voltage is selectable at the time of installation with the placement of a connector. FLOOR LEVEL CHAIN HOIST WITH ELECTRICAL INTERlock - Provides easy disconnect and manual operation in an emergency. HEAVY-DUTY WORM GEAR-IN-OIL GEAR REDUCER - Delivers performance for heavy industrial, high cycle applications. CONTROL FUNCTION SELECTOR DIAL - Enables easy selection and programming of (7) wiring types, from constant pressure to close, to specialized Timer-to-Close functionality to meet end-user needs. TIMER-TO-CLOSE - Conveniently and confidently closes the commercial door automatically after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed for added security and peace of mind. CONTINUOUS-DUTY HIGH-STARTING TORQUE MOTOR - Performs in demanding industrial overhead and rolling door applications. MOTOR REMOVABLE WITHOUT AFFECTING LIMIT SWITCH SETTINGS - Saves time and money for maintenance. MID-STOP - Enables partial opening of door to a preprogrammed position for energy savings, time savings, and convenience. MAXIMUM RUN TIMER - Reverses or stops door if closing time exceeds expected time-frame to limit damage to door and operator. DELAY-ON-REVERSE CIRCUIT - Prevents abrupt reversal of door, reducing wear on the door and operator system. 3-BUTTON CONTROL STATION WITH MAINTENANCE ALERT SYSTEM (MAS) - Provides open/close/stop functions and notification when routine maintenance is required.